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Indo-Pak Menu: $18.00 Per Person, Choose One item From Each Column, One Extra Appetizer and One Extra Grilled Item.

Additional Menu Item: $1.00 Per person.

* Additional Live Stations:($300.00 Each Station) Chicken Tawa, Whole Roasted Goat, Tawa Shrimp, Roast Beef, Italian grilled chicken Pasta (Alfaredo and Marinara Sauce)

Other Services: Chinaware, Silverware, Glassware: $3.00 per person. Chafers: $25.00 Ea

Staff: $100.00/Staff

Prices are based on minimum of 150- guests and subject to 15% service charges plus 8.25% sales-tax, Delivery Fee

We cater Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Persian cuisines